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Our wines are crafted from grapes sourced from some of the best and well-tended vineyards, primarily in Stellenbosch in the Western Cape, South Africa. This enables us to create a great wine that is conspicuous by its perfect balance; is aromatically harmonious, pure, powerful, and, above all, complex. We produce a Bordeaux-style blend and the components vary each vintage, but each vintage always exudes the elegance that is expected of a great wine. Epicurean is produced in limited quantities.

Our Vintages

A wine’s vintage has a profound effect on its quality and taste because of the effect of weather conditions on the vines. Even more important is the micro-climate of the vineyard itself. By sourcing grapes from a variety of these micro-climates, we have an opportunity to use the best performing varietals in each vintage. Like an ensemble, there’s never an individual star, but several actors whose roles are of great importance, producing a single effect. This is Epicurean.